Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Field Day CCA Elementary

I lost my camera for a period of months and finally broke down and bought another one. Fortunately, I'm good about using several different memory cards, so I didn't lose most of my photos. Unfortunately, I'm bad about not uploading the photos, but letting them languish in Photo Purgatory on the memory card. I'll have to write posts from events that occured two years ago just to put the photos up. (Erg.) Sometimes I get so mad at myself! So, this is me, playing catch up (in reverse).

CCA Field Day...now, anyone who knows me understands that I'm a realist about my children. They aren't the smartest or most talented or best singers or best athletes or best at anything in particular (unless it's being funny, usually on accident). We just want them to be well rounded and apply themselves to the very best of their abilities and skill levels in every single thing that they do. God doesn't ask us to be the best at everything; He asks us to participate and use our particular skills and talents to His glory. So, we insist that if you get on the court, walk the runway, paint it, write it, sing it, run it, it better be all out with nothing held back.

Lainy was a little put out with herself at only winning one blue ribbon that was a shared victory (three-legged races are that way by there very nature), but she rallied when I indicated that she'd still beaten her sister in most events. (Ahh, the beauty of twin-ness.) I also reminded her that God had to spread the talents around--it wasn't fair to be the most beautiful and win everything. She recovered in light of those two facts.

Lainy and her athletic self getting ready for the 25-yd dash.

Elise and her girls.
Here is the Number One Son tearing it up in the relay race!

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Note the son's green tennis shoes!