Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween, er, I Mean The Fall Festival

We are a Dress Up For No Particular Reason sort of people at the Johnson household. We just like costumes. They are fun. Just because.

Here are the Shorties in their self-styled costumery

Lily in her cat suit.
Elise as a Movie Star (her Daddy was so proud of that outfit)

And Elaina as a boy. Carter as Anakin Skywalker. We are all about trick or treating and fall festivals and dressing up in costumes and just enjoying our community.

I don’t think that Lily really remembers the entire Halloween experience last year very clearly. She enjoyed it so much more this year. Every time they dropped a piece of candy in Lily’s bag, she gave this little maniacal laugh and shook all over with glee as if to say, “All I have to do is say ‘trick or treat’ and they GIVE me the CANDY???!!! Ha-ha-ha-ha!” It was hilarious. She also tore it up on the bobbing for apples deal.

Someone glancing through wanted to know why I didn't have more photos of Carter. Honestly, that Anakin Skywalker mask freaked me out. It was like taking photos of some midget, not my son. So, he only got one or two the whole night. Poor kid. I'm going to give him some sort of complex.

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