Saturday, November 15, 2008

Confessions of a Twilight Mom

It's completely confession time here. I'm addicted. Completely gone. Overboard. Sold out. My problem may require medication and some de-programming at some point.

I'm a Twilight fan.

Whew! It feels good to have that out there finally.

That group of books has been the most fun I've had reading in...well, I think maybe forever (which is saying something for a chick with an English Lit degree who finishes two or three books a week).

I feel like some sort of pervert skulking around the Teen Fiction section of the book store. I didn't go so far as to go to the Breaking Dawn release party, but I did make an entire bus load of women on a WMU outing stop at the book store on that Saturday morning to buy the book while they idled at the curb. When I casually asked if anyone would mind if I stopped at the Books-a-Million for a second, one other woman around my age came to full alert, sat straight up in her chair, and said in an overexcited voice, "Really??? Could we???" and I knew right then she was after the same fix I desperately needed...Twilight.

My friend, Tina, calls it Crack on Paper. How right she be.

So, how bad is this addiction? Well, I'm so crazy that I've already bought my tickets for the first showing of the movie at 1:00 next Friday afternoon. (I'm trying to avoid some of the screaming 13-yr-olds who will still be in school, unless their mother's have checked them out to use as cover for their own 40-yr-old obsessive selves. Drat that I don't have any teen age girls to hide behind!)

I own a T-Shirt (that I paid money for). I check the web daily for Twilight news. I bought the soundtrack the day it came out and have the stupid thing memorized. I have read through the five books (including the only on-line pirated version of Midnight Sun ) oh, something like four times. I even taped a show off of MTV just to watch the cast arrive at a premiere. Issues. I have ISSUES!

And I've loaned the books out to everyone I know, and everyone who has touched it has caught The Fever. So, maybe it's not us afterall. Maybe the people who haven't read the series yet are the ones with the problem...Yeah, yeah. That's the ticket. I have to go check the countdown widget on the official movie page to see how many more hours I have to wait to see it on the big screen now. YEA!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Tina. My t-shirt arrived yesterday, so I will be proudly wearing it at the premier with you! Can't wait to go see crack on film. :}

The Mother Bear said...

I am totally with you. Our family and friends will probably be waiting when we come out of the theater to stage some sort of intervention now that they know when and where we'll be.


Brian, Lindsey, Isaiah & Levi said...

Ok, Charlotte - is this the vampire movie that is coming out? I read your post about it and then I saw a commerical for the movie and I think I must be mistaken, it's about a vampire boy - that seems scary. I think I need more persuading to see this or read the books!

The Mother Bear said...

Hey! Well, I think that vampire thing isn't an accurate picture of what the books are about. It's about way, way more than just that trival fact. He just happens to be a vampire. No coffins. No murders. No blood and guts. No stakes through the heart. No fangs even. It's a love story.

The movie folks have duded up the trailer to get in some male viewers, but it's totally, completely a love story. No cussing, no sex, no illicit behavior. It's clean as a bean.

The main characters even wait until they are married to consumate their relationship. And 17 million people have purchased the first book, so maybe it's a message worth getting out there. I'd hand it to my 15-yr-old daughter in one second to read.