Friday, September 5, 2008

Praise and Worship All Over the Place

We took the Johnson Traveling Road Show out for dinner tonight--always an adventure. All eight of us (my seven plus a spend-the-night friend) descended on our favorite Mexican restaurant, which always causes some staring and whispering. Families eating in small booths with their 2.5 children always cringe and thank God that they aren't us, so we indirectly cause a lot more praise and worship just by existing. :-)

The kids were pretty good in general, so it was uneventful. Oh, except that on the way out the door the gumball machine in the eatery malfunctioned when three out of five children had gumballs in hand, which was a minor crisis, that I quickly averted by springing a bag of M&Ms I'd been hoarding, er, saving in my purse.

On the way home, the natives were a little restless, so we played some praise and worship music and sang along (loudly and mostly off key). When we finally reached the house and piled out of the van, Carter was still singing one of these praise songs quietly to himself.

He is exhausted,
yes, He is exhausted on high,
I will praise Him!

When I stopped laughing, I said, "Son, I'm pretty sure that the lyric is 'He is EXALTED' not 'He is exhausted'." Carter paused thoughtfully for a couple of seconds and said, "No, I'm pretty sure that being God is exhausting--it makes better sense." Then he marched off singing that exhausted song some more.

We are our own sitcom. Only we're funnier than what's on TV.

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