Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why Your Kids Have to Move Out Eventually

Conversation with my son while we stand at the bathroom sink getting ready for church.

Carter: Mom?

Me: Yes, son?

Carter: When I get married, can I still live with you?

Me: Yes, but you won't want to.

Carter: I'll always want to live with you.

Me, little smile: We'll see.

Carter: But where will my wife sleep if we live with you?

Me: Well, I guess in your room.

Carter, snickering to self probably picturing him sharing the top bunk bed: I don't think we can fit in that bed.

Me, smiling, but trying not to laugh: You'll work it out.

Carter: Yeah, I think it would be best if we slept with you. I can sleep on your side and my wife can sleep on Dad's side.

Me, in all manner of seriousness: That'll depend entirely on what your wife looks like, son.

Carter: Yeah. That's what I thought too.

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