Thursday, May 22, 2008

Biscuit and the Beach

Beach Trip 2006

Well, we're about to be off on our next Grand Adventure of the year...A trip to the beach. The last time we went to the ocean was in the summer of 2006. I was so exhausted from that time, it's taken me this long to get back in the saddle again.

The Husband and I are hauling Mother and the four Shorties to the gulf coast next week for a little "vacation". (I put it in quotes because it's really more of a working trip for the Mother Bears of the world. Packing, unpacking, cooking, cleaning, washing, bathing kids twice a day after the beach and again before bedtime, putting sunblock on seven people, finding beach towels and beach toys and putting this one's hair up and mommy-where-is-my-favorite-fill-in-the-blank...a real "vacation" involves sleeping in and shopping and eating in nice restaurants, not laundry and cooking. Can I get a witness?)

I'm excited about it for many reasons, but one source of joy is a little more obscure than that.

Having given away the other yard dogs at our house--Peanut, Snowball, and the seven puppies--we are down to one dog living in our yard (the church sighs collectively in relief). Since we are going on vacation, I talked The Husband into letting me take Biscuit the Yard Dog to the vet to get his shots and get him groomed. We are going to board him while we are gone out of town. (This is like making a time-warp leap in the world of dogs.)

When I registered him at the vet's office, they asked me what his last name is. So, when we return home from the beach, we no longer have a yard dog, we will be bringing home Our Dog, Biscuit Johnson. I'm excited about it. He's the sweetest little thing ever, and I love him, er, I mean the kids love him very much. Yeah, that's it. :-)

Tomorrow, I have to run around getting the last of the stuff together before beginning the adventure known as Packing. I can vaguely remember being able to throw some stuff in an overnight bag and being ready to roll in 30 minutes. Now, it's like planning a three-month jungle trek hauling a bunch of wild monkeys on leashes behind you.

To take the Traveling Road Show on a trip like this requires tremendous amounts of planning and list making, otherwise you spend half of your trip in the Wal-Mart shopping for all of those forgotten items like socks and diapers and toilet training rings. (I'll be having none of that on my "vacation".) So, I make check lists and packing lists for the Shorties and The Husband and The Mother and Myself--it's quite a little production. It's gotten so bad that my 7-yr-old wrote me an e-mail reminding me to make her her own checklist this time so that she can pack herself. (It's in the gene pool.)

So, it'll be a week away from the computer, but I'm sure I'll have interesting tales from the seashore to regale you with come the first of June. Tune in next time when you might hear The Husband say, "Did you say we are having biscuits in bed? Why on earth would we do that?"

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