Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Brief Highlights

I have no idea what to blog here. Like a million and five things have happened, but I've been really trying to "be in the moment" in my life. Like, not doing it from behind the phone camera lense, but to actually be involved actively in every second of my life. It seems like it's flying past now.

Some highlights:

The Little Flower has upgraded from sticks to the cowbell. I've been researching songs with cowbell in them like crazy. Her art still blows my mind.

The Number One Son is a skateboarding, camping, football playing, basketballing growth spurt eating everything and running to and fro like some kind of pinball. He never stops, even preferring to eat on the move.

The Wonder Twins are both licensed drivers. Nayhuh promptly had her first wreck totaling her new-to-her car in just two weeks of getting it. Everyone was all right. Well, the car not so much, but the humans are good, and that's all that really counts. She really let it rip when she did it too--like there was a pond and some foliage and a tree branch or two, and to hear Lilly tell it, there was some Dukes of Hazzard-like "yeehawing" happening from her mouth as they flew down the embankment.

Sister is in her senior year. That alone is enough to give me the hives. She's turned 18 and is gracefully moving into adulthood one day at a time. (I can't even believe that I have a kid old enough to graduate high school. It's like some kind of sick joke.)

We have two yard dogs and one indoor dog. The cat was voted off of the island after she couldn't stop peeing on everything. (When you have eight people and four animals everyone MUST hit the bowl and not the floor.)

All is well in Johnsonville. I hope 2017 is another wonderful year for you all.

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