Sunday, September 21, 2014

Forgiveness Stinks. Do it Anyway.

Forgiveness is probably the hardest lesson in life and definitely in the walk of a Christian. It goes against every fiber in our being. We want justice for everyone else and mercy for ourselves. We want people to pay for their crimes, until it is our hand or head or heart on the chopping block for payment.

God wants me to contradict my human nature and aspire to a higher order of selflessness that is foreign and frightening.

I am commanded to love the unlovable.
I am commanded to pray for my enemies.
I am commanded to feed and clothe people who take advantage of me.
I am commanded to show mercy to those who come against me.

It's absolutely impossible....
..................................apart from the love of God.

But with God, all things are possible.

And love, which I am commanded to show to everyone, covers a multitude of sins.

But what if you are greviously wronged by a brother or sister in Christ who makes absolutely no attempt at an apology that you are completely justified in wanting? Deserving, even?

God didn't say that you are to forgive those who beg forgiveness.

He also didn't say that you are to pray for those who are like you.

He didn't say that we are to forgive after justice is meted out. 

He said that as far as it is in your power, to be at peace with all men. 

He said that we should let God take up our banner and leave justice to Him and Him alone.

He said not to let a root of bitterness take hold in my heart.

He said to be still and know that I am God.

And that's really it, isn't it?

To know that I am to love the unlovely, because in the past,

I WAS the Unlovable.
I AM the Unlovable.
I WILL BE the Unlovable.

And the Bible is clear that I will only be forgiven as I forgive others. Jesus Christ taught it in the model prayer, so it must be important. And truth.

But to truly forgive you have to let the Holy Spirit in to Do His Thing in your heart, willingly let Him weed your spiritual garden, which is painful and time consuming and the dirtiest sort of work. That makes letting Him in to work on you the biggest battle of all.

Or maybe that's just me...

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