Thursday, July 10, 2008

Enjoying our Freedom

We survived the Fourth of July intact. Nothing spectacular happened (thank you GOD). It was just a nice time together. We hung out at the house most of the day, and then we enjoyed visiting the American Village and that entire experience. It's a really neat place. Basically, they have recreated some of the most important locations in our country's history and have an interactive learning experience with actors playing the roles of our founders.
American Village
We caught up with Memaw and Pawpaw and the whole crew up there. Memaw, Lily, and Carter
It's not every day you see Patrick Henry deliver a speech and stand in the oval office.They've done an outstanding job of bringing a slice of history to life. The grounds are beautiful and the information is interesting. I highly recommend it--especially when they are having special events.

And the sparklers went off without a hitch. No one caught fire or caught anything else on fire, so that's a full measure of success in Johnsonville. But more than the fireworks or the buildings or the entertainment, we enjoyed family, and there is no greater tribute to freedom than that.

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